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We finance and coproduce audio-visual works to make European producers successful.
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Who We Are

A leading independent production company, Beside Productions finances and co-produces European audio-visual works (features, series, animation projects, documentaries). With 50 co-productions to date and a 30m€ annual in-house Belgian Tax shelter fund, Beside Productions’ team brings a wealth of hands-on experience to European projects in need of financing and production expertise.

Our Story

In 2015 as Belgium’s Tax Shelter system was experiencing a first reform since its creation in 2003, Belga Films, Belgium’s historical film distributor, and Fabrice Delville, a respected industry specialist, partnered to set up a dual business: Beside Tax Shelter and Beside Productions.

With a special Ruling* from the Belgian Tax Authorities and a law-abiding approach based on fee transparency, the companies deployed a business proposal that proved its added value for European producers, traditional and streamers alike: financing capabilities & (line-)production expertise, all under one roof.

As a result, in only 7 years, Beside Productions established itself a trusted coproduction partner to Europe’s most renowned producers, as our filmography testifies.

Fabrice Delville

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After a business career in several industries across  three continents, Fabrice Delville joined the audiovisual industry in 2008.  For 6 years, he was co-General Manager at a market-leading Tax Shelter and  Production company in Brussels. In 2014, building on several successful General Management experiences, he partnered with Belga Films, Belgium’s historical independent film distributor, to create Belga Films Fund  (now Beside Tax Shelter) and Belga Productions (now Beside Productions). In 2022, Fabrice became sole  shareholder of the two companies.
Business Development Manager

Paul de Proyart

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Head of Productions

Alain-Gilles Viellevoye

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Annie Laloy

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François-Xavier Willems

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Françoise Delville

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Gladys Brookfield-Hampson

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Leonarda Dandolo

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Nora Thomas

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Sabrina Toussaint

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Valeria Cremisi

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